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Report at Group Level across Xero Orgs

A session with Tyler Caskey , Charl Ryan , Harry Symons and David Tuck

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About this Session

Have you been wondering how you can scale report at group level with Xero, instead of having to migrate to an ERP system? If so, this webinar is for you.

Part of our series, Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero. You might think you're outgrowing Xero. But this series proves that if you know what’s available, Xero and its app ecosystem can prevent the need to install a complex and expensive ERP system.

Join us and our consolidation partner Joiin Thursday, 14 Sep 2023 10:00 - 10:30 BST for top tips on how to level up your reporting and business intelligence game and successfully scale your business with Xero.

What to expect:

  • Exploring the pains consolidation manifests for larger Xero users
  • Real-world experiences from a finance leader who has grappled with these issues themselves, Charl Ryan, Group Financial Partner at Delta Drone South Africa.
  • Solutions from a Xero app ecosystem expert, Tyler Caskey from TheBeanCounters.
  • Plus actionable insights from Joiin’s Customer Success Manager, Harry Symons.

In our session, we'll discuss how you can simplify group-level reporting. Learn how to integrate data, craft custom reports, and handle inter-company finances with fewer headaches.

Q&A from the live webinar

Q1: What defines failure of an ERP system implementation?

A1: Tyler Caskey: ​​For me in one business it was when we were using the new ERP and it couldn't do the basics of finance or project management with any ease. The day when we couldn't send AP remittance advices was when I switched to Xero.

Q2: Is there an app out there which can do a consolidation of Xero entities, which enables reporting of P&Ls using a combination of BOTH tracking categories? (In my example, tracking category 1 = division; tracking category 2 = department. Across 10 entities. Multiple divisions in each entity. Departments may exist in more than one division -> i.e this is for budget holders). Currently doing this with Scotts Addin (works but slow). I know Fathom can now do it one tracking category at a time. Joiin can’t/couldn’t do it last time I did a free trial. Maybe some custom BI development? Or is this perhaps this is the time to leave Xero?

A2: Charl Ryan: We use Joiin as our consolation app. Joiin has the freedom to pull reports on the Xero Tracking Categories.

A2: Tyler Caskey: Joiin's use of tracking categories is super easy from a drop down box.

Q3: Multi entity will be used when a group of companies or organisations require consolidated reporting. It means a group of companies need to be reported as a "single economic entity". There is a method and process of merging the BS and P&L's of multiple entities. When I look for group reporting it is because of this requirement of "single economic entity reporting".

Q4: Does Joiin calculate NCI's as well (Non-Controlling Interests)? 

A4: Harry Symons: Yes, you can manage all of your minority interest and percentage ownership requirements using Joiin, more info can be found on this here

Q5: Can Joiin now report on a combination of two tracking categories. i.e not just one tracking category but a selection from both. Last time I looked it could only do one at a time (same as Fathom). Xero can actually do the report in each entity - but I need to get at the data on a consolidated basis.

A5: Harry Symons: Unfortunately, this isn't something that Joiin can do at this moment in time, it may be something we look to explore in the future as part of a product update. Check out our social posts for all the latest info on updates and Joiin news!

Q6: I am starting to build a multi group in xero and considering Joiin - should I ensure a single chart of accounts with the same account numbers in all Xero entities?

A6: Charl Ryan: You can create customs reports on Joiin and map all the different Chart of Accounts on those reports which helps. So initially you don't need the same Chart of Accounts on each entity. We only now reaching 10 Entities decided to Harmonize out Chart of Accounts.

Q7: While we're taking about Xero and suitable apps, have you guys, as seriously players in the Xero world ever questioned Xero as to why they don't offer a cloned sandbox for testing if potential app addons? Is there a workaround?

A7: (Answered during the webinar recording)

Q8: Is there a way to do this perhaps with something similar to Power BI or perhaps simpler tool

A8: Tyler Caskey: PowerBI is a great tool. I typically use an app for P&L and balance sheet. Then use PowerBI for transactional, and high volume data like Debtors + Invoices + Receipts + Job reporting.

Q9: How do you integrate entities which are on different accounting software to Xero?

A9: Tyler Caskey: That is possible. Many of the apps connect to Xero, Sage, MYOB, QuickBooks. And if not on that list, it's an easy Excel upload too.

Q10: What about revenue per item, line of business, customer, by country etc

A10: Tyler Caskey: That is perfect for PowerBI. We often use to pull the data from Xero or other systems. Then put into PowerBI.

Q11: At the moment we are using Joiin to pull multi entities individual details, whether it is able to include consolidation adjustment function as well? (eg: interco elimination/recurring group entry/forex translation at group)

A11: Harry Symons: Yes, you can manage your eliminations and post adjustments in Joiin, I recommend checking out tour guides on Eliminations and Adjustments (Links respectively)

Q12: Basically I’m planning to integrate 2 foreign entities to Xero and then automate consolidation for 3 entities (1 is already in Xero). Would be helpful if you can guide steps to do it and who to consult in this process.

A12: (Answered during the webinar recording)

Q13: Do you just archive the old NL accounts when you change the chart of accounts?

A13: Tyler Caskey: Sure do. Or delete them if not used.

Q14: Deletion doesn't remove data?

A14: Tyler Caskey: No.

14 September 2023, 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

About The Panel

Charl Ryan

Charl Ryan

Group Financial Partner, Delta Drone South Africa Group

David Tuck

David Tuck

Co-Founder & CEO, Mayday

David Tuck

Harry Symons

Harry Symons

Customer Success Manager, Joiin

Harry Symons

Tyler Caskey

Tyler Caskey

Partner, The Bean Counters


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