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Level Up your Management Reporting

A session with Darren Glanville , Stuart Hurst , Stephen Paul and David Tuck

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About this Session

Have you been wondering how you can scale reporting and business intelligence with Xero, instead of having to migrate to an ERP system? We've got the webinar for you.

Part of our series, Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero. You might think you're outgrowing Xero. But this series proves that if you know what’s available, Xero and its app ecosystem can prevent the need to install a complex and expensive ERP system.

Join us and our reporting and business intelligence partner, Fathom, on Friday, 15 Sep 2023 10:00 - 10:30 BST for top tips on how to level up your reporting and BI game and successfully scale your business with Xero.

What to expect:

  • Exploring the pains reporting and BI manifests for larger Xero users.
  • Real-world experiences from a finance leader who has grappled with these issues themselves.
  • Solutions from a Xero app ecosystem expert, Stuart Hurst from Accounts and Legal.
  • Plus actionable insights from the team at Fathom.

We’ll be diving into the challenges of levelling up your management reports as you scale, including how to highlight the most important metrics, compare today with past performance and share reports in the most easy-to-digest format for key stakeholders.

Q&A from the live webinar

Q1: One of the frustrating issues with Xero is User Access rights. I would like to allocate a specific bank account to an individual user to manage and reconcile, but not to have access to the other bank accounts. With Xero is this possible? - To give you a idea of size we have 30 bank accounts

Q2: Hi We have raised investment from larger listed investors who require monthly re-forecasting. Historically we have used a corporate finance style extensive excel spreadsheet and would prefer to use a Xero add-on that pulls actuals from Xero and forecasting data from Salesforce and we cam input other assumptions in order to budget and forecast, this has proved more difficult to find than anticipated. We are a relatively simple SAAS company (onboarding and recurring revenue) and need updatable rolling 12 months forecasting to produce P&L, BS and cashflow forecasts. Have you got any advice/thoughts."

A2: Darren Glanville: Happy for you to take a trial of Fathom www.fathomhq.com

Q3: People > Process > Tech when it comes to change :-)

Q4: Sorry – same question I asked yesterday, but a different panel of experts. While this is a group question, it’s really a budget vs actual management reporting question, or rather a group budget vs actual management reporting question: Is there an app out there which can do a consolidation of Xero entities, which enables reporting of P&Ls using a combination of BOTH tracking categories? In my example, tracking category 1 = division; tracking category 2 = department. Across 10 entities. Multiple divisions in each entity. Departments may exist in more than one division -> i.e this is for budget holders). Currently doing this with Scotts Addin (works but slow) and clunky way of distributing to multiple department heads.. I know Fathom can now do it one tracking category at a time currently – I need a selection of both at the same time – otherwise Fathom would be a great solution. Maybe some custom BI development? Or is this perhaps this is the time to leave Xero?"

A4: Darren Glanville: Chris happy to speak offline as there may be more for me to understand your question. Would you drop me your details to [email protected]

15 September 2023, 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

About The Panel

Stephen Paul

Stephen Paul

Managing Director, Valued

David Tuck

David Tuck

Co-Founder & CEO, Mayday

David Tuck

Darren Glanville

Darren Glanville

Country Manager - UK & EMEA, Fathom

Stuart Hurst

Stuart Hurst

Director, Accounts and Legal


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