Our panellists will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Taimur Abdaal

Founder & CEO, Causal

Keri Baker-Biggs

General Manager, BookCheck

Chris Carter

Director and Founder, Eventwise Ltd

Tyler Caskey

Partner, The Bean Counters

Sabrina Castiglione

COO, Pento

Amber Chaffe

Head of Customer Success, Unleashed Software

Kristina Chapleo

Head of Success, Chaser

Sophie Conaghan

Portfolio Finance Director, SaaS Startups

Anna Cuthbert

Financial Controller, Galop

Emily Deakin

Cloud Accounts Specialist, Moore Growth Accountants LLP

Hilary Dyson

Bridge Financials

Vicky Ellis

Bookkeeping Manager and Cloud Specialist, Not Just Numbers Ltd

Josh Elster

CFO, YardLink

Matt Flanagan

Managing Director, BlueHub

Glen Foster

Advisor, HedgeFlows

Alastair Gardner

Partner Consulting Manager, Xero

Jon Gaunt

Managing Director, FD Works

Darren Glanville

Country Manager - UK & EMEA, Fathom

James Griffin

Co-Founder & CTO, Mayday

Lauren Harvey

Founder, Full Stop Accounts

Harriet Hope

Financial Controller, Arbolus

Stuart Hurst

Director, Accounts and Legal

Steve Jarvis

CFO, Manufacture 2030

Alex Keselman

Solutions Engineer, ApprovalMax

Gabriel Kierzemblat

CFO, The Lost Explorer

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